Bruin Resource Center Programs

Bruin Guardian ScholarsBruin Guardian Scholars

The Bruin Guardian Scholars (BGS) Program was created in 2008 by UCLA and student advocates to help address the unmet needs of the current and former foster youth at UCLA. The Guardian Scholars Program was designed to assist former foster youth, focusing on support services for undergraduate and graduate students.


Bruin Guardian Scholars Academy

The UCLA Bruin Guardian Scholars Academy (“BGSA”) served as the pilot program for the First Star Academy model, when it launched in 2011 as a partnership between First Star, UCLA, and the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services. 



Collegiate Recovery Program

The Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) was established in 2016 to provide support to UCLA students on their path to recovery from substance use or other addictive behaviors. We are dedicated to providing academic, wellness, and emotional support to students who are in recovery or who are considering recovery. 


Intergroup Dialogue Program

The UCLA Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) Program was established in January 2008 as part of the Office of Student Affairs Campus Diversity Initiative. Its members are students, staff, faculty and executive management from Student Affairs, the College of Letters & Science and departments across campus. 


Students with Dependents Program

The Bruin Resource Center’s Students with Dependents (SwD) Program provides caring and personalized support to UCLA students who are parents, guardians, and caregivers at the undergraduate, graduate and professional school level. As a part of Student Affairs, our program is committed to helping students succeed, both as parents and scholars. We offer programs and advocacy that enrich and support parenting student's academic, personal, and professional goals.


Transfer Student Center

The Transfer Student Center at UCLA was created in 2009 by the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs in order to expand institutional supports for underrepresented students. Our office is committed to serving the diverse population of transfer students at UCLA and the needs particular to this community.


Veterans Resource Center

The Bruin Resource Center's Veterans Resource Center (VRC) provides caring and personalized support for undergraduate and graduate student veterans in their transition from military service to civilian and college life.


Undocumented Student Program

The Bruin Resource Center’s (BRC) Undocumented Student Program offers caring and personalized support to undergraduate and graduate undocumented students. We provide a welcoming and safe space to help students navigate UCLA. The BRC offers mentoring and encouragement, guidance on educational strategies and financial opportunities, and tools to succeed academically and personally.