The UCLA Bruin Resource Center (BRC) can enrich your experience by providing valuable resources, services and learning opportunities and by promoting a supportive and inclusive campus community. The BRC serves all UCLA students, with a particular focus on current and former foster youth, students with dependents, students in recovery, student veterans, transfer students, and undocumented students. The BRC also offers programs that promote holistic development and education of the student and the larger campus community. These programs include Intergroup Relations and the GRIT peer coaching program.

UCLA must embrace diversity, challenge hateful means of communication (10/2/17)

We wanted to share an welcome message from Jerry Kang(UCLA’s vice chancellor of equity, diversity and inclusion) and Monroe Gorden (Interim vice chancellor of student affairs).

Kang is UCLA’s vice chancellor of equity, diversity and inclusion. Gorden is the interim vice chancellor of student affairs.

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